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Delaware Renovation – Wow!

Delaware Renovation – Wow!

May 19, 2020

We’ve wanted to do a renovation in Delaware for a long time. So when this house in a sweet north Delaware neighborhood was available, we snatched it up!

All of the streets in this Delaware neighborhood have names that honor the legacy of Rutherford B. Hayes, 19th President of the US, and Delaware native. This house is located on Senate Ave. Other streets in the neighborhood are Executive, Presidential, and Federal. The neighborhood is known as “Hayes Colony.” Many homes in this area are undergoing renovation.

Delaware is a small city located about 15 miles north of Columbus, making it an easy commute for professionals. It has excellent schools, parks, and libraries, and a low crime rate. The downtown area is filled with shops and restaurants.

Downtown Delaware Ohio CAPABI097
downtown Delaware, OH

The House on Senate Ave.

Built in 1985, this three bedroom, three bathroom house is perfect for a young family. Set on a quiet tree-lined street, the two-car garage has plenty of room for bikes. There’s a big backyard and a front porch for waving to the parade of neighbors walking their dogs. Now that the renovation is complete, this house is ready for the next generation.

Here are before and after pictures of the front of the house:

Senate Front

Simple changes like updating the front door can make a huge difference during a renovation. We loved the weeping cherry tree in the front yard and it looks gorgeous now that spring is here and we can see the pink blooms.


This is one of our most dramatic kitchen renovations. The existing cabinets were dark, giving the kitchen a cave-like feeling. Moreover, the backsplash was painted a bright teal color. The large tiles on the floor were probably original from 35 years ago. Finally, it was time to make some changes.

We installed all brand-new stainless steel appliances and white cabinets. Throughout the house, we tore up the old flooring and replaced it with light grey wood floors. These make the house feel open and bright. The backsplash is now modern tile. During the renovation, we moved the refrigerator to another wall to create more counter space. The new island offers both counter space and a spot to serve snacks to hungry kids.

Senate Kitchen

What kind of bar stools would you use here? Oh, and did you see the lights? Aren’t they amazing? For more stunning kitchen renovation pics, check out our recent Hilliard renovation.


There are two full bathrooms and one half bath in the Delaware house. All of them were in bad shape. The time had come for a complete renovation.

In the ensuite bathroom, the toilet was unusable (sealed with duct tape), tile floors were broken, and the bathtub was disgusting. The cabinets were probably the same ones that were installed when the house was built in 1985.

For this bathroom, we added a second sink where there was only one before. If there’s one thing we have learned – it’s that couples like to have their own sinks! The light grey wood floors continue through the bathroom. We replaced all of the fixtures and used a light grey cabinet with a marble top during the renovation. We also moved the toilet a bit to the left, and these little details can make all the difference.

Senate Bathroom 2

Another bathroom was in a similar sorry state, desperately in need of renovation. Again, we had to replace all of the fixtures and we removed of the flooring. Basically, we took everything out and started over.

Senate Bathroom

The Backyard

Check out the spacious deck on the house:

Patio deck R82A4626 HDR

There’s room for a grill, a table and chairs, and a colorful umbrella. Where’s my mojito? In the end, the deck made the renovation feel complete.

The backyard is huge with mature trees and a fence.

Rear view R82A4601 HDR

What would you add to this yard? A dog or two? Or perhaps a swing set or a trampoline? Or maybe a big raised garden filled with tomatoes and pumpkins?

So much more

There’s a finished basement for a Man Cave or movie theater or workout room. The open floor plan on the first floor is perfect for entertaining. There’s even a fireplace for cozy winter evenings. To make it feel modern and homey, w included many sweet details in this renovation.

Before you fall in love with the Delaware house…

It’s under contract. The house was on the market for ONE DAY. One day, my friends. That’s how awesome the renovation is.

Upward Home Solutions is committed to revitalizing neighborhoods, one house at a time. This house on Senate Ave. in Delaware, OH, was in need of renovation. It had good bones in a great neighborhood, but it needed to be transformed into a home for the next generation.

The team at UHS has the skills, experience, and eye for design to do this kind of work. It’s not cheap or easy to renovate a home like this, but we’re uniquely staffed to keep everything running smoothly.

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How Did We Find This Renovation?

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The info box

At the Delaware renovation on Senate, we put an info box in the front yard to let the neighbors know what was going on. It’s a friendly neighborhood and we felt like we wanted to say hi. Plus, we know people are curious about the renovation.

Here’s our flyer for the info box at Senate:

Delaware renovation
Senate Flyer for UHS final 3

Thanks for reading about the Delaware house on Senate and its renovation.

We hope you liked this peek inside. Upward Home Solutions is proud of the work we do to revitalize neighborhoods and help families find their forever home.

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