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Direct Buyer: What is Wholesale?

Direct Buyer: What is Wholesale?

Oct 11, 2019

What Is a “Direct Buyer?”

A direct buyer negotiates directly with the homeowner, bypassing the need for a real estate agent. This means that the homeowner keeps more money from the sale because they do not need to pay the Realtor commissions.

Direct home buyers like Upward Home Solutions will even pay all the fees, such as closing costs.

You may be asking yourself “Who will pay cash for my house?” “How do I sell a house quickly?” “Who buys homes for cash?”

Upward Home Solutions buys houses for cash. Always on the buyer’s timeline.

sold to direct home buyers

The traditional way to sell a house

You’re probably familiar with the way most houses are sold in the US. Selling houses for cash may sound like a very different situation, and in some ways it is. But when it comes down to the actual hands-on process, selling for cash should be similar to listing yet smoother on the seller. That’s because sellers get to avoid the upfront fees and listing stress when selling houses for cash to a direct buyer as opposed to listing them through the traditional channels.

If you’ve ever seen a FOR SALE sign in front of a house, gone to an open house, or browsed the MLS online, you have participated in the retail market for real estate.

When a person wants to sell a house, it’s traditional to hire a real estate professional who handles all the paperwork, listing, and negotiation of the sale of the house. The Realtor becomes your agent. At the conclusion of the sale of the house, they will take their fee from your profit, generally 3-10% of the selling price.

When a homeowner uses a Realtor, the house goes “on the market.” Repairs are made, a price is chosen, it is “listed” online and often in the newspaper. Going this route also means that the homeowner will have showings. These can be “open houses” or privately scheduled events, but there will be strangers coming through the house and the homeowner is encouraged to not be present.

Other headaches in the retail home selling process include negotiations on price, inspections, remedy requests, and delays with closing while the buyer tries to get financing.

There Is Another Way

As mentioned above, there is a way to sell your house that is faster, less expensive up front, and more convenient in terms of the process. By selling to a direct buyer, sellers get to skip the showings, inspections, repairs, remediations, and more.

Direct Home Buyers Help You Avoid All of These Hassles

A homeowner who chooses to sell wholesale to a direct buyer will not have to involve an agent or Realtor or deal with inspections. Other advantages include the following:

  • No repairs, no cleaning, no money out of your
  • No strangers looking at your house while you are gone.
  • The sale happens on your schedule.
  • No middle-man taking a cut of your profit.
  • We pay closing costs – not you!
  • We have CASH – no financing – so the sale will happen when you are ready.

According to the Washington Post, you are a good candidate for wholesale if you have a home that needs major work and you don’t have the time or desire to deal with tire kicking home shoppers, home inspectors, and contingencies of all sorts, then these guys might be worth considering.

direct home buyers will buy houses as is

Do You Buy Houses In Bad Condition?

Yes! Upward Home Solutions buys houses that are old, ugly, dumpy, run-down, or scary. We buy houses as is. You don’t even have to clean it out. Take what you want and leave the rest.

Can I sell my house fast?

Yes! We can complete the sale and have cash in your house in as little as a week. Most of that time is the title company drawing up the paperwork. On our end, it’s a simple transaction because we already have the money in the bank. Unlike traditional buyers, a reputable direct buyer does not need to wait for a bank to approve the loan. We can provide proof of funds for a quick house sale.

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