We Buy Houses – UHS new video

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We Buy Houses in Any Neighborhood, Any Condition

Did you know Upward Home Solutions is the #1 WE BUY HOUSES company in Columbus, OH? In fact, we have bought hundreds of houses in the past decade.

Our team is professional, caring, and honest. We buy houses in every neighborhood.

Upward Home Solutions is the simplest, safest way to sell a house in Columbus and Central Ohio. Moreover, we buy houses in any condition. I buy houses cash because we are cash buyers.

The Team at UHS created a video to tell you a little more about the process. Click the PLAY button at the center of the image below to play the short video to learn more about how we buy houses.

we buy houses video

Behind the Scenes

The camera crew was great. They came to the office one day to get footage of our weekly meeting. So, we turned the cameras on them!

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In this photo, they are filming Amy. (She was a little nervous, but you’d never know it!)

Amy says we buy houses

The film crew stayed for our team meeting so they could learn more about how we buy houses.

We buy houses team meeting
We buy houses team meeting

The video was filmed in early February, well before the pandemic and COVID-19. It’s now April, and we aren’t meeting at the office for weekly meetings. Instead, we hang out on Zoom.

COVID-19 update

Upward Home Solutions is buying homes during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, we are the safest and simplest way to sell a house at this time. Our company follows all CDC and State of Ohio guidance regarding social distancing. To keep you safe, we use technology for virtual signatures and wire transfers. Upward Home Solutions can help you sell my house online.

You can read about our response to COVID-19 here.

In case you don’t want to read the whole blog article, here’s the important info:

Home prices in the Columbus area remain strong. However, people are concerned about their safety during COVID-19. Upward Home Solutions is buying homes for cash, using no-touch transactions. We can connect with you via video, send documents electronically, and even complete the sale remotely. We buy houses, even during a pandemic.

You will have cash in your account more quickly than you ever imagined. This is a difficult time to be landlord or own a house you don’t want to take care of anymore. Call us today for a no-obligation offer.

Sell a house fast.

Have you ever wondered how to get cash for my house or how to sell my house fast? UHS has solutions for every unique situation. Interestingly, we can do a fast house sale in one week.

If you want to sell my house as is fast, there is no one who will give you a better offer or better service. We give a cash offer on house closing costs.

Call Upward Home Solutions Today

Amy or Tim will answer your call and talk you through our simple we buy houses process. Our team of professionals will help you every step of the way.


Anyone wishing to sell my house Columbus needs to call UHS for a quick house sale.