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Adding a Messy Kitchen (3 Big Perks)

Adding a Messy Kitchen (3 Big Perks)

The UHS Team

Oct 26, 2022

First things first, let’s clear something up for anyone unfamiliar with the concept of a messy kitchen: this article will NOT be giving you three ways to add clutter to your kitchen area. Quite the opposite — installing a messy kitchen is actually meant to help keep surfaces clear, appliances organized, and prep work running smoothly.

While the moniker may be a bit confusing, these spaces actually serve to clear up space for daily cooking. Also known as dirty kitchens or catering kitchens, these secondary kitchens are making a comeback. So, what is a messy kitchen and why would you want one?

What Is a Messy Kitchen?

When you go to a restaurant, chefs and assistants work hard behind the scenes to make your food dreams come true. Meanwhile, guests enjoy some version of a pleasantly curated atmosphere with light music, friendly chatter, and flattering lighting. A messy kitchen brings this out-on-the-town experience into your home kitchen.

A messy kitchen is a separate room off of the main kitchen area. The purpose of this space is to give cooks a secluded space to work behind the scenes. There are a few reasons why this may be desirable.

3 Reasons Why Messy Kitchens Rule

Cheese pizza on a counter in a messy kitchen.


We’ve all run out of room cooking before, right? It’s really annoying and can get a bit tricky too. Messy kitchens offer an easy solution to this.

Close proximity to the primary kitchen and dining room area mean that the chef can easily serve dishes to family and friends without losing a step in the back.


As we touched on above, the convenience of having everything you need just out of sight is great. Not only will a typical messy kitchen have a counter for prepping meals, it will also include ample shelving for various items and small appliances.

Various cooking items and ingredients organized on shelves in a messy kitchen.
A clutter-free kitchen counter.


Ready to level up your entertaining reputation? A messy kitchen has the huge benefit of keeping your guest-facing kitchen space looking fresh and clutter-free.

No more saying, Sorry for the mess! No more creatively rearranging chairs and tables to seat visitors away from the bustle of prep work. Messy kitchens allow you to reserve your main kitchen for serving, island seating, and whatever little one-off tasks may arise throughout an evening.

Considering a New Kitchen?

Unfortunately, adding on to a home isn’t always feasible. Existing kitchen areas and the spaces surrounding them tend to already be kind of cramped (hence the value of a little extra space). If you know you need more space but aren’t sure how to make that happen in your current home, you may be looking at a project for the next home you move into.

Ever Considered Selling For Instant Cash In Hand?

Have you ever heard of selling to a direct buyer? Granted, selling a home just to add on a messy kitchen may not make a lot of sense. Even still, a quick sale to a direct buyer may be a good option to keep in mind for the future. Many of our happy sellers have used their sale money to purchase new homes. So who knows? Maybe that ends up being your ticket to a messy kitchen down the road.

While listing a home on the MLS is the traditional route, this route also includes all sorts of fees and closing costs. That’s not to mention the upfront effort and massively stretched-out timelines. Meanwhile, a direct buyer like UHS pays cash, covers ALL upfront and closing costs, and moves according to your timeline. That means that you could literally close on your home and have cash in hand within a week if you chose to move that quickly. It’s all up to you!

What Does Your Dream Messy Kitchen Look Like?

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Happy renovating!

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