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Get Cash for My House in Columbus

Get Cash for My House in Columbus

Aug 02, 2018

If you’re stuck with a house that you can’t afford or don’t want anymore, then you’re probably asking yourself “how can I get cash for my house” over and over. Don’t worry! We’re here to be your problem solver.

There are numerous reasons to need cash in today’s market. From ever-increasing inflation to the fluctuating value of the dollar, many homeowners find themselves desperate for a fast financial fix that will alleviate any monetary stressors.

Rent, insurance, and other monthly payments pile up. If you’re not on top of it, you can get overwhelmed by the financial burden while experiencing major consequences. To avoid foreclosure or debt, some homeowners decide to utilize their best asset: their home. But that leaves the question: How can I get cash for my house?

Cash for My House Through Home Loans

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Owned property is a rich source of wealth for most homeowners. For cash-poor owners, tapping into a home’s equity is a viable solution with few drawbacks. Home equity is simply the property’s worth minus what the homeowner still owes. For instance, if I owe $40,000 on a home valued at $100,000, I have $60,000 in home equity. If I want cash for my house, I might seek out home equity loans.

Homeowners with substantial home equity, strong credit, and a source of income often borrow from lenders when they find themselves needing cash fast. Either with a general home equity loan or home equity line of credit (HELOC), property owners can borrow against their home for a set sum of money. While the general home loan is for a particular amount over a stated term, a HELOC is typically more flexible in payment options and terms. With either loan option, the borrower must continually make monthly payments to capitalize on their home’s value.

For instance, if I need cash for my house quickly, I might skip the home equity loan altogether. Even if I’m able to meet the monthly payments, the qualification process for a home loan is tedious. It’s a multi-stepped approval process that forces homeowners to fill out complicated paperwork just in order to apply. Loans are also, in general, situational solutions. They’re highly dependent on a borrower’s ability to repay and how much they need to borrow. For homeowners needing a hassle-free solution, taking out large sums from third parties is often not the answer.

Renting to Tenants

get cash for my house by renting a room

Another likely option to get cash out of your property is through renting. Renting allows homeowners to relocate while earning monthly rent. Landlords are allowed to control rent prices and choose their ideal tenants while still owning the property. For homeowners who are unwilling to sell immediately but still need cash, renting the property out is one possible solution.

But homeowners considering renting their homes out should also consider the legal issues that come with renting to strangers. There are drawbacks to being a landlord. Attracting tenants requires modernizing a property and offering major incentives. This is a time-consuming process for those who need cash immediately. Also, as a landlord, your tenants’ personalities and needs will vary. Some will be wonderful, but some may be high maintenance and require around-the-clock supervision and may even blatantly disrespect the property.

To solve these potential issues, many landlords hire property management firms to handle tenants, collect rent, and provide overall home maintenance. But that can quickly eat into any potential profit. If a landlord finally does decide to sell their property, tenants have rights that can make future home sales difficult. For guaranteed quick cash, homeowners should steer clear of renting to tenants.

Get Cash for My House from Home Buyers

get cash for my house by selling to buyers

The best option for homeowners that want to get cash for their house immediately is through a speedy home sale. Selling your home allows you to gain that home equity without the lender’s many contingencies. It also provides several benefits for the sellers, including the freedom to relocate to a more affordable house with smaller mortgage payments. Unlike acquiring a loan or renting to tenants, selling your property for cash lets you wash your hands of the property and its financial hassles and liabilities.

“How do I sell my house in any condition?”

Houses obviously sell for higher prices when they include extensive updates after long months on the housing market. This causes some homeowners to believe they’re unable to sell their property at a profit if it is in poor condition. But this isn’t necessarily true. A large number of investors and “we buy houses” companies pay fair market prices for damaged homes. While listing with a realtor forces sellers to update before closing, selling to an investor allows the homeowner to avoid making costly repairs altogether. For those looking to sell a house in any condition, selling to a “we buy houses for cash” company can be a good option.

“I need to sell my house for cash. Who do I sell to?”

Say I need to sell my house for cash. I would look into local investors and cash for homes buyers. Reputable cash buyers offer complete transparency when assessing a home. For instance, after a potential seller fills out our company’s simple online form, as a reputable “we buy houses” company, we will contact a potential seller promptly. Following a non-invasive and friendly chat, the company’s representative or investor will make a home visit and assess the property’s condition. Does your house need major structural repairs? Does the roof, floors, or walls need updating? No problem. We offer relief from making repairs or performing maintenance before finalizing a sale. Your offer is quick, fair, and in cash… and you don’t pay a dime for repairs or closing costs.

Companies that offer cash for homes can actually provide additional advantages to homeowners seeking relief from financial burden. Cash home buyers guarantee a convenient closing. Paperwork is drawn and amicably explained to the buyer, and closings take place at the seller’s earliest convenience.

We Buy Houses for Cash!

get cash for my house asap

The reputable we buy houses for cash companies are interested in making the selling process as expedient and painless as possible. Unlike talking to lenders and renting to tenants, selling for cash has fewer complications and takes less time and money. If I want the most cash for my house with the least potential hassle, I might as well talk to a representative from a we buy houses company and get my free quote. It’s a no-brainer.

Selling your home in Columbus can be a lengthy, complicated process. From making major repairs to finding the ideal real estate agent in the area, the selling process can cause serious anxiety for most. For homeowners needing to sell fast, spending months on market is detrimental. With we buy houses for cash companies, selling fast for quick cash is a guaranteed bet.

We’re always available to answer any questions you may have, or to give you a no-obligation cash offer at your convenience! Just give us a call at 614-705-0866. We can’t wait to talk to you 🙂

The information presented in this article is for educational purposes only and should not be considered legal, financial, or as any other type of advice.

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