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4 Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

4 Master Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

May 25, 2022

Over the last couple of decades, master bedroom remodeling ideas have evolved. On top of this shift, style and manufacturing changes (i.e. new furniture trends and functionality options) are simultaneously always pushing what the ideal master bedroom set up can achieve. With all this in mind, it’s perhaps unsurprising that exciting bedroom remodel ideas are such a hot commodity today. Here are four of our favorite areas to focus on when looking at master bedroom renovations.

A bedroom remodel constructed by Upward Home Solutions in Ohio.
Which bedroom remodeling ideas pique your interest?

What Do You Want Out of Your Bedroom Remodel Project?

The most important consideration throughout the bedroom remodeling process is how you plan to use the space. While the style and practical features of master bedrooms have changed over the years, you’re not necessarily bound to what happens to be trending right now. This is your bedroom, after all. It should reflect your lifestyle and comfort needs. While it’s wise to ensure you don’t cause yourself future home resale issues by making problematic structural decisions, an unusual accent or even tiling that’s ahead of its time are certainly fair game when it comes to bedroom remodel ideas. Do what makes you happy!

A bedroom remodel constructed by Upward Home Solutions in Ohio.

Still… if you’re anything like us, you probably value keeping your home up to date and stylish. So, here are four master bedroom remodeling ideas and areas to focus your energies on — ideas that will help you get the most out of your bedroom remodel project.

4 Trendy Master Bedroom Remodel Ideas

Brighten up the Color Palette

Dark tones are not exactly leading the interior design game these days. Maybe it’s the fact that we spent so much time indoors over the last few years and are just plain tired of staring at gray walls. Maybe it’s something else entirely. Regardless, brightening up your color palette is the way to go if you want to stay on top of the trendiest bedroom remodeling ideas. Not only will this give your bedroom renovations an extra dash of pizzaz and enhance the overall value (you never know when a quick sale might make sense), but it can also create the impression of extra space!

Bright brown tiling in a remodeled bedroom area.

…And the Tiles While You’re at It

Just like the colors you choose for your wall and ceiling paint, your tiling selection can both raise the value of your bedroom and make it look bigger. In fact, these two bedroom remodel ideas can work in conjunction with each other to significantly elevate the mood and atmosphere of a master.

When it comes to bedroom remodeling ideas that spark your passion, updating the color of your floor tiling may not be at the top of the list. It can be difficult to envision what new flooring will even look like in the context of a living space that’s still in progress. We recommend doing a little research to get ideas and consider all of your options. Whether a tile switch gets you jazzed or not, we promise that brightening things up can have a super charming effect on the way a bedroom feels.

Strategic Tip: Envision the space not as it is, but as it could be. Some amazing bedroom remodeling ideas come to homeowners who allow themselves to reimagine a room that has become commonplace over time.

Update Any Lighting Fixtures

Adding the right chandelier or ceiling fan can quite literally cast the entire room in a new and more flattering light. This can be an especially impactful bedroom remodel idea in the event that the space has been limited to table lamps and/or other outlet-dependent lamps up until now.

Wondering where to buy? Check out this list of the best places to purchase lighting fixtures in 2023.

…And Don’t Forget Those Plumbing Fixtures

Since our bedroom remodel ideas shouldn’t exclude any crucial space, let’s exit the bedroom proper for a moment and step into the master bathroom.

I think most of us can agree on one thing: crappy showers can sabotage even the best of mornings. Who among us doesn’t dread low water pressure, bad shower heads, and that most downright despicable of fates: not enough hot water?!? As if these situational terrors weren’t bad enough, being subjected to an ugly and uninspired master bath day after day can also have a draining effect on a person over time.

For instance, imagine the familiar scenario: you wake up a bit exhausted with a long day ahead. You trudge into the bathroom. First, imagine you hop into the “After” shower above. The hot water on your back gives you a boost and you think about your morning cup of coffee.

Now imagine showering in the “Before” bathroom before we transformed it. Not to be overly dramatic here, but there is a kind of low-level despair one feels starting and ending their day in a dingy bedroom/bathroom. Maybe your toilet doesn’t flush right. Maybe you feel like one more day of staring at your salmon-colored bedroom walls is going to drive you insane. A boring bummer of a bedroom can be easily remedied by implementing a few strategic master bedroom remodeling ideas. So, don’t wait until you’re tearing out your hair!

Bedrooms that don’t let you recharge your batteries or feel rejuvenated can take a toll, but one that helps rejuvenate your spirit? Well, that’s basically heaven on earth.

Know of a House that Needs Flipped?

One of Upward Home Solution's recent bedroom remodeling ideas at an Ohio renovation site.

Ugly homes are an eyesore, and Upward Home Solutions is here to help. If you know of a home that’s in bad shape; a home that needs a ground-up renovation team, please let us know! We’ll pay you for the tip if we buy the home, so just imagine the possibilities! From ideas for a bedroom remodel project to master bathroom renovations and basement upgrades, the sky’s the limit on how you spend your money.

Why Not Bring Your Own Bedroom Remodeling Ideas to Life?

After our team checks up on your tip, you may be able to turn around and use the reward money to fund some master bedroom remodel ideas inside your own home. Let us know if you have any questions about submitting a referral or want to know more about any of our bedroom remodel ideas for 2023. We look forward to hearing from you.

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