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Meet the UHS Team for a Fast House Sale

Meet the UHS Team for a Fast House Sale

Jan 27, 2020

The Upward Home Solutions Team

Upward Home Solutions has a team of friendly professionals to help you with selling your home. And when you need a fast house sale, well, that’s our specialty. We’re here to help.

We buy houses all over Columbus and Central Ohio. Any condition. Any Columbus neighborhood. Our team has experience with probate, inherited houses, foreclosure, back taxes, family disputes, landlords and tenants, transitions to nursing homes, and much more.

Owners Tim D. and Katie

Upward Home Solutions
Tim D and Katie

Tim and Katie are lifelong Buckeyes and high school sweethearts who are raising a family and running a small business in their hometown. With a background in construction and technology, Tim is the brains behind Upward Home Solutions. Katie has an eye for interior design and oversees the accounting. Together, they are the Fixer-Upper-Power-Couple of Central Ohio. When they aren’t at the office, you can find Tim and Katie at the soccer field or hockey rink with their three kids.

Tim S.

fast house sale expert Tim S
Tim Smith

Sometimes it gets a bit confusing with two men named Tim at the top of our team! Tim S is our lovable guy who meets with sellers. He’s the one that will come to your house, sit down with you to answer your questions, and make an offer on your house. Tim has seen it all and his easy nature puts everyone at ease. When he’s not running all around town meeting with sellers, you can find Tim S. at Panera working on his laptop and enjoying a cup of coffee. The coffee is important because Tim S has two adorable toddlers at home.


amy headshot

Always energetic and friendly, Amy is likely the first person you will talk to when you call 614-705-0866. She does an amazing job answering the phones, even when she is out walking the dog or coaching her girl’s softball team. Amy will ask you some questions about your house and discuss the process with you. It’s hard to stump Amy, but if she doesn’t know the answer to your question, she will do some research and call you back. Her favorite part of the job is helping people and listening to their stories.


Tyler headshot

It’s Tyler’s job to make sure that every house closing happens on-time, as promised. When there are problems with a title, Tyler is on it. When the seller has questions about a wire transfer, Tyler has the answer. Outside the office, Tyler is an avid bodybuilder and fitness coach. His military work ethic and integrity are clear in everything he does.


Andy headshot

Andy works mostly behind the scenes as our Operations Manager. He is the one in charge of scheduling and coordinating contractors who work on the rehabs. Andy’s laugh is infectious. If you’re lucky enough to meet Andy at a house we are remodeling, ask him to tell you about the time he tried to do tricks on an electric scooter while filing for permits in downtown Columbus.


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Marlene was hired as office manager but her duties have grown beyond accounting to include marketing and social media. She wonders if it is time for a new job title such as Doyenne of Data, Comptroller of Creativity, or perhaps Executive Envisioneer. 

Your Fast House Sale Experts

The incredible team at Upward Home Solutions is here to help you sell your home. If you’ve ever wondered, “How can I sell my house fast?” Or “How can I sell my house without a Realtor?” You’ve come to the right place. We are ready to give you answers and solve your problems.

Upward Home Solutions can give you a quick house sale. We buy all kinds of houses, even ugly ones that need major renovations! Our team also includes experts on probate and inherited houses.

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the team is ready to help you with a fast house sale

We Buy Houses

Remember, we buy houses. We won’t go through someone else. We won’t list on the MLS. Moreover, our company doesn’t need inspections or a loan from the bank. When you receive a cash offer, you get our NO BS GUARANTEE. We even pay all of the closing costs for you, saving you thousands of dollars.

And we also have a generous referral program for friends, neighbors, and real estate professionals. We encourage you to take a moment to learn more about our referral program if you’re interested in some very easy money… We know, we know… who isn’t? 😉

For a fast house sale, call UHS today
Upward Home Solutions, your CASH buyer

How Does a Fast House Sale Work?

It begins when you make a phone call to Amy at 614-705-0866. She will ask you some questions about the condition of your house and other background information. Have your calendar ready because Amy will want to schedule an appointment for Tim S to meet with you. When you need a fast house sale, we can do a next-day appointment.

Can I sell my house As Is fast?

No problem!

Tim S will walk the property with you and he might take some pictures of the mechanicals. Don’t worry if your house is a mess. Tim has seen it all. At the end of your appointment, Tim will write a cash offer on your house. You will have a contract in hand that day.

If you like the offer, simply sign the contract and discuss when the closing date will be. In many cases, we can schedule a quick sale. But if you need more time, that’s fine too. What’s important is that you know when the house is going to sell and how much money you will get.

Can I Get Cash For My House?


After signing the contract, it takes a few days for our title company (PM Title) to draw up the paperwork and make all of the necessary checks on the title. Upward Home Solutions pays all of the fees for this service. If you have any questions as you wait, just give us a ring at the office and ask for Tyler!

What If I Can’t Be At the Closing?

Either we can help you with the digital signatures on your closing documents or the closing company can come to you. PM Title is awesome about working with people who cannot travel to their office. They will even drive out to your nursing home or senior care facility if need be.

money for a fast house sale

When Will I Get My Money?

The money from the sale will be wired into your bank account on the same day as the closing. You will know ahead of time exactly how much will be in your account. That’s because we do not charge any fees or commissions. What you see on the contract is what you get.

If you need a fast house sale, the team at Upward Home Solutions will help you every step of the way. Our professional team is trained to make the sale as smooth and easy as possible. So…. can I sell my house fast? Absolutely. And UHS can help you do it.

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